Dan Fabrizi

President & CEO

Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, Dan moved to Tampa in October of 2013 with nothing more than a car full of whatever would fit and a plan to start a new life. Driven by the will to make it work no matter what, Dan began his professional career in Florida working for Bayada Home Health Care as a Client Service Manager. Within 12 months, Dan become the first Regional Manager of Referrals for the company, specifically tasked to facilitate all VA home health referrals for the entire company.

As Dan began to market himself and the company, he established contacts within the Senior Living industry and abroad which led him to advance to such positions as Marketing Director in an Assisted Living, to a Skilled Nursing Liaison for what was formally known as University Village. It was there when Dan met his business partner, Marc Flores, and they began the management company known as Southpointe, where Dan became the Regional Sales and Marketing Director for the company. During his time in that role, Dan and Marc got involved in a high-profile bankruptcy case which eventually saw them purchase the Assisted Living, Memory Care, and Skilled Nursing out of bankruptcy.

Shortly after the acquisition of the community, Covid began. In a “right place at the right time” move, Marc and Dan discontinued the Skilled Nursing portion of the community, which left the entire 1st floor of the community vacant. This move allowed them to open the first “Senior Living Covid unit” in the state of Florida. Under the direction of Hillsborough County and the Governor’s office, Dan help guide the community and the unit in a direction that allowed for hundreds of asymptomatic patients to get the proper care they needed to return safely to their respective communities. Over a near year period, the revenue generated allowed for Dan and Marc to create SeaCoast Health Systems, where Dan became Senior Vice President. Over the following two years, SeaCoast grew into a company with assets totaling close to $80 million with locations in the state of Florida and Indiana.

In early 2023, Dan made the decision to leave his post at SeaCoast Health Systems to begin Burgh2Bay Partners with his business partner and friend, Mike Dovidio. Over the last 7 years in the Senior Living industry and abroad, Dan has made extremely influential contacts that he hopes will allow him and Burgh2Bay Partners to become a trusted group in the Tampa Bay region and beyond.

Prior to his move to Florida in 2013, Dan spent 4 years working for MedExpress Urgent Care as one of the youngest Center Managers in the company. Also, Dan worked for the Pittsburgh Penguins in 2008, and did a radio stint with ESPN Radio in Pittsburgh in 2011. As a kid, Dan caddied at Oakmont Country Club from 1999-2013 and worked in the 2003 United States Amateur Championship.

In his free time, Dan is a sports enthusiast, especially hockey. A diehard Penguins fan since birth, Dan is also a season ticket holder with the Tampa Bay Lightning. He also enjoys cigars, bourbon, cooking, playing golf, traveling, and his love for dogs is unmatched.