We specialize in real estate investing and business consulting across multiple industries.

We invest in a variety of businesses

Our investment portfolio spans across diverse industries, supporting a range of businesses with growth potential and promising opportunities.

Real Estate

Burgh2Bay has grown partnerships in the wholesale and foreclosure sector that has produced significant returns for the partners as well as their investors.

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Burgh2Bay is experienced in providing senior care and services, with founders who also have clinical and pharmacy expertise.

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Burgh2Bay provides two decades of hospitality expertise with in-depth knowledge of operations, finance, and development to enhance or start ventures.

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Other Businesses

Burgh2Bay is open to invest and partner with businesses in a variety of industries. We consider all businesses that fit our criteria for success.

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About Us

With their nearly 2 decades of managerial experience and newly formed relationships in the real estate sector, the Burgh2Bay team has several focuses:

First, to leverage the extremely hot real estate market in Tampa Bay along with incredible relationships with developers, wholesalers, and investors, to create a portfolio of renovated homes that not only beautify our region but produce significant returns for our team and our loyal investors.

Second, to help those individuals who have a great concept, but either don’t know how to launch, or need start-up capital to get it off the ground.

Either way, we are here for you!