Introducing Burgh2Bay’s First Real Estate Investment Property in Saint Petersburg, FL

We are thrilled to announce the successful acquisition of our first real estate investment property situated on 17th Ave S in the beautiful city of Saint Petersburg, FL. Through a collaboration with Simeon Pappas and AppleTree Developers, we secured a spacious 3 bedroom/2 bath, 1320 square foot home in a wholesale deal for $295,000. 

As we move forward, AppleTree Developers will take charge of minor renovations to enhance the property’s appeal. Following the closing in July, we will be listing the revamped property for sale, offering an exciting investment opportunity to prospective buyers.

If you have any interest in this property or have any questions about the process of acquiring or investing in these types of projects, please reach out to the Burgh2Bay team. 

Stay tuned for further updates about this project as they become available!

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